Are you lazy to cook food for yourself which consumes more time? And if you get a kitchen appliance that can help you to cook food simply and easily, isn’t it would be wonderful? Yes, IFB Series of Microwave ovens are best for your cooking collection. IFB offers a huge range of Microwaves which comes with different types of features that assist you to fulfil your every cooking need.

It is simple, has easy to use functions and advanced cooking menus, features and options. With IFB Microwave Ovens you will get all that you need to prepare healthy and brilliant food. You can choose different types of models according to your requirements like built-in models, countertop models or more. All these models have various functionalities like grill and convection.

The convection model uses the heating air technique for cooking food from within, whereas grilling technique is used for localized and precise heating.


Bajaj Microwave ovens are one of the top microwave oven brands in India. These are capable to make your cooking hassle free. While cooking in Bajaj Microwave oven, all you need to do is put the ingredients in the utensil, place it inside the Microwave, press the buttons according to your mode of cooking and get your meal ready in a few minutes.

The modern microwaves are very different from old-fashioned ovens as these microwaves use high command waves that allow equal supply of heat.

Bajaj microwave ovens are also best for defrosting and re-heating food. The microwave oven doesn’t change the form of food and helps to keep it in it’s original form. You can also adjust the time of cooking as per the food quantity. The core benefit Bajaj microwave oven provides is that you don’t have stand around throughout the cooking process as the beep sound will let you know that food is ready.


Samsung is one of the most renowned South Korean multinational companies which are popular in selling home appliances. Samsung products are made with sturdy and superior quality materials which are both durable and reliable.

So, if you want to buy a new microwave oven, then you can go for Samsung. These microwave ovens come in three different types; solo convection and grill.

The models of these microwaves come with the capacity from 21L-35L and are available in a variety of colours. You can choose any door type like from drop down to side swing doors.

The latest models of Samsung microwave oven has some in-built features like auto cook, hot blast, power grill duo, slim fry, round rack, curd maker, ceramic cavity, etc. If you want a small microwave and your cooking needs are less, then you can go for the Samsung 21 ltr microwave oven. The microwave has very low price, which is affordable and budget-friendly.


Do you want to buy a Microwave oven for your home? Are you lazy to cook even easy foods and warm up the food or snacks?

Then LG offers fastest and convenient Microwave ovens at your services. These Microwave ovens comes with sleek designs, innovative technology and clean lines to change the style of your cooking. These Microwave ovens comes with a variety of features, impeccable finish, beautiful designs and two styles – over the range and countertop.

About its functionalities, these microwave ovens also offer features like auto defrost, keypad, a jog dial, cooking menu buttons and multistage cooking.  Many models also comes with quick defrost, digital display, light disinfects; keep warm, fermentation, custom cook, quick start and many more for easy cooking.

If we talk about food splatters and spills, LG microwave ovens are filled with stainless steel non-bacterial inside which is very easy to clean ad wipe.


    Many of us likes steamed healthy food whereas many prefer munching on crispy bakery items. To cook all these foods, Whirlpool microwave ovens are the best choice for all your needs.

    Whirlpool Microwave ovens offers a range of models like Convection, Grill and Solo. Whirlpool microwave ovens assuredly help you to enhance your cooking experience. These microwaves offer excess of exciting benefits for example Combi Cooking, Auto Cook Menus, Magic Menus, Multi – stage cooking, 2-min Crisp with 6TH SENSE® Crisp & Bake, Steam Technology, Weight Defrost, 6TH SENSE® WeightSensor, Forced Air/Oven Mode and more.

    These amazing features will offer you the best experience of imaginative and convenient cooking. The 245 mm larger turntables help you to reheat multiple food pots at once or cook large quantity of food. You can now select different modes of combi cooking to bake your desired foods easily.

    You can select convection or microwave mode, grill mode, convection and grill mode for cooking.

    Morphy Richards

    If you want to get free from daily hassle of kitchen and save your precious time then it is the right time to go for a Morphy Richards microwave oven to bring in your kitchen.

    Your Morphy Richards microwave oven cooks and heats food fast as compared to any conventional way of cooking. Using microwave ovens make the heat directly reaches to the molecules of food and helps to save energy.

    Along with simply reheating and defrosting the previously cooked food, a microwave oven with grill and convection also features grill, cook as well as bake food to precision.

    Choose the Auto Cook options which are already-programmed to go with your different types of cooking. The auto defrosts feature helps for cooking in a single step and automatic defrosting. You can use the deodorize functionality to freshen and ventilate the cavity when it gets filled with strong odors and smoke.

    Popular Selling Microwave Accessories

    Accessories help you to make your cooking more easier and delicious as well as time saving. Here are 4 basic accessories which be a lot of helpful with Microwave Ovens.

    LG 42 L Solo Microwave Oven (MS4295DIS, Black) Review

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