Best Microwave Ovens in India in 2018

Best Microwave Ovens in 2018 for Your Kitchen


In this busy world, cooking in gas stove has become tough and time taking where, everyone wants food in thirty minutes. In a generation of technology driven society, gas stoves are getting replaced by microwave ovens which gives you features to cook food in minutes.

Microwave Ovens in India & all over the world are the most efficient and best cooking appliances in home. It is time efficient and cost effective for every user, as price range is from four thousand to more than thirty thousand. The reason why microwave oven has become a household name is due to it’s time efficiency feature for cooking. This appliance is best for those who are very busy and have a very less time to cook. Not only cooking, but you can use it for heating leftover food and beverages.

Nowadays, in market microwave ovens are present in varied range and brands with specific features.  




There are many kinds of microwaves available in the Indian market with many features available in one particular oven. So, it is very important to understand which particular microwave oven is suitable for your need.

Nowadays, microwave oven is not just used for defrost or heat the leftover food but also used for convection, slow-cooking, baking, grilling or browning modes. More than this, microwave ovens are available in many shapes, design and different colours which will suit your kitchen style.




In market, there are four major kinds of microwave oven and they are counter-top, microwave-drawers, combination microwave and above range units.

  • Counter – Top Microwave Oven- These are compact and portable microwave ovens which are commonly used in every household. Although, this kind of microwave oven takes lot of space but it doesn’t require any laborious connection. Simple plug-in is given in the oven. If you are looking for less expensive oven then, this type of microwave ovens are less costly as compared to other ovens.
  • Above – Range Microwave OvenAs the name implies, this type of ovens are mostly placed above the kitchen range. In terms of space and features, above-range microwave ovens are mostly prefered. The speciality of this model is that the units have exhaust fans for ventilation systems and these units gets automatically on; when stove top becomes too hot. These models have multi-speed fans and these units do not need to be vented outside. Depending on the features price varies and it is cheaper as compared to other models.
  • Microwave Oven DrawersThese type of ovens are new in the market and they consume less place in the kitchen. Installation is comparatively easy as compared to above-range microwave oven.
  • Built-in Microwave OvenThese ovens are hard to install and they require professional to install it.




Before you choose a microwave oven, it is important to know what features you want in it. Many microwave ovens have different features such as convection, grilling, browning, and baking. Apart from this, nowadays there are additional features like child-lock, auto-cook, defrost, preheat, timer and many more. Some of the features you must have in your oven are –

  • Auto-Cook – If you are busy most of the time, then you must look out for this feature in your microwave oven. You don’t have to do much apart from cutting vegetables, just press the button of the particular dish name and your meal is ready.
  • Defrost – When it comes to heat the food kept in refrigerator then let’s say defrost option is your saviour; where you can heat the food and enjoy while eating.
  • Preheat – Usually this function is important. If you want to cook some dish which requires the oven to be at certain temperature then, preheating is required. If you buy microwave oven look out for this option.
  • Timer – This particular option allows you to set time for cooking.  You can specify the timing for cooking according to the requirement.
  • Panel Types- There are three types of panel present- Mechanical, Tact dial Type, Feather touch type. Usually for rough use mechanical and tact dial type are preferred. They come in low-end models whereas feather touch comes in high-end models. Feather touch panel adds to the design in your microwave oven which can sense your fingers, just like touch-screen.
  • Power Consumption If you usually cook in microwave and have a big family then look out for such microwave which will be efficient in power consumption. If the voltage is higher, microwave oven is more efficient and quicker.
  • Grilling and convection – This particular feature is very important if you are looking for weekends with grilled chicken and baked food.        




  • Sensors – This is an important feature present in microwave oven because it adjusts your cooking and avoid overcooking or undercooking. Without monitoring the progress you can preset to cook or defrost or reheat the food.
  • Size If it comes to size look out for a microwave which can adjust in your kitchen space. Usually for medium size family thirty litre  microwave oven is preferred whereas for one to two people twenty litre is a right choice.
  • Safety and Care Generally microwave ovens are safe and easy to use, but you must look out for the manual instruction to how to take care of your appliance. Safety is a must before you buy any electronic appliance.
  • Warranty When you buy any electronic appliance it is important to look out for warranty period. Usually warranty period for every microwave oven is one year and make sure you have one.
  • Design & Extra Feature Some microwave ovens have additional features like trays, turntables, moisture sensors which are  an added advantage for you. Nowadays, in microwave who can easily view your food while cooking. Such window design feature is famous in market.


If you are looking to buy microwave oven then go through these points and make a fair decision according to your requirements and suitability. In market there are lots of option to go through and make a choice. Many different brands with some peculiar functionality and features are present. But the best choice is made when you know what you really want. Here is the list of some of the best microwave ovens available in India with best choices.